Code of Conduct

Purpose and Scope

We’re excited that you have joined us on our Forum.  The Forum is intended for members to connect in support of HIRC’s mission through the sharing of ideas and information.  HIRC encourages professional engagement and collaborative dialogue.

Be Nice, Have Fun and Connect — Keep the focus on the mission of HIRC.  Maintain an environment of trust and safety.  Speak professionally, ethically, and constructively.

Act Professionally — Write knowledgeably, accurately, and with appropriate courtesy.  Refrain from any activity that could reflect negatively on HIRC’s reputation.  Refrain from defamatory, derogatory or inflammatory statements or content.

Protect Information — Do not share confidential or proprietary information.

Don’t Break the Law — Respect the law, including those laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, copyright and fair use.

Choose the Right Sub-Forum — Product-specific messages may only be posted to the Voice of Providers sub-forum.  Use the best suited sub-forum as outlined in the Guide.

You are personally and legally responsible for the content you publish on the Forum.  Failure to follow this policy may result in temporary suspension or revocation of membership.

The opinions and views expressed by individuals posting on the Forum are not necessarily those of HIRC.  We reserve the right to remove content at our sole discretion.

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